Monday, April 15, 2024
7 pm EST / 4 pm PST

Join us in April to learn from Senior Brand Designer Collinx Mondesir. 

I recently had the pleasure of meeting an incredible artist named Collinx Mondesir, hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Collinx is not just an artist but also an Adobe Community Expert, Senior Graphic Designer, and Brand Strategist on a mission to empower individuals to unleash their potential and transform their passions into profitable brands that leave a lasting impact.

Collinx is dedicated to helping designers discover their "WHY" and turn their talents into a sustainable livelihood while enhancing their quality of life. As the co-founder, Head Designer & Creative Director of the agency Collabo Branding, which initially launched in Haiti in 2019 and expanded to Canada in 2020, Collinx has demonstrated his expertise in graphic design, branding, digital marketing, web design, and UI/UX design across various industries such as sports, health, food, fashion, non-profits, and commercial properties.

Presentation on how to put emotion into design and create visual messages that resonate with people. Collinx has graciously agreed to share his insights on the significance of emotion in visual design and how it can be leveraged to create distinctive brand identities that capture attention. This presentation is sure to be enlightening and valuable for anyone interested in the intersection of emotion and design.

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